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Our Services - Doctor Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath...

Welcome to the Rockcourt Medical Practice, where we have been treating patients from all over Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, and further afield for over 20 years.

We provide a caring, warm, compassionate and professional practice for families, children, professionals and all sectors of society.

The services we provide are:

Family Doctor's Clinic

At the Rockcourt Medical Centre we specialise in family practice and the urgency that can be associated with the care of one’s family.

We are a family oriented practice that takes full care of you and your family. From common complaints, recognising medical issues, uncovering hidden conditions, and managing the most acute and chronic illnesses. We highlight health promotion and prescribe preventative family care advice for the entire family at all stages.

Children's Doctor - Child Health

We provide been providing paediatric and general practice family services for over two decades. We provide a full paediatric, baby & child health medical service.

We cover general health and minor illness for children, Childhood Vaccinations, Chicken pox vaccine, and the 6 week check. The 6 week check is covered under the Mother and Child Scheme if you are registered. Under 6 GP VISIT CARDS accepted.

Women's Health and Pregnancy

At Rockcourt Medical we provide information and advice through every stages of pregnancy from, preconception health, infertility, unplanned pregnancies, prenatal care and tests, All the way through your pregnancy, getting ready, childbirth and beyond.

For impartial, client-centered advice pregnancy advice, feel free to make an appointment with our team today who have assisted thousands of women through the pregnancy process.

Menopause Clinic

Menopause effects women in different ways and leading up to menopause can be difficult for some. Some women may experience an inconvenience in their day to day life however women of all ages should be aware that menopause can impact on the general wellbeing and health of a women.

Regular menopausal check-ups are advised in order to offset the risks from heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis and other serious health problem later in life.

Contraception & Sexual Health

        Contraception and Family Planning

We provide a full range of family planning options and sexual health advice. Including the prescription and fitting of contraceptive options such as Implanon, Mirena Coil and Oral Contraceptive Pill. During your consultation we will help you choose the right option for you

We provide a full range of contraceptive choices.

        Sexual Health

We offer full sexual health screening, detection and treatment of sexual illnesses. Undertaken in a private, client centred and confidential environment.

Combined Antenatal (Pre-Birth) Care

If you find that you may be pregnant, at Rockcourt Medical Centre will take blood and urine samples which will confirm your pregnancy and estimate the expectancy date of your child? We will also discuss your options and plans for your antenatal care.

The cost of this service is covered by the HSC under the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme – 6 examinations are covered by this scheme. You do not require a medical card and you will also have free access to a hospital obstetrician. SO, you have no need to worry about fees.

Also, if you are in employment you are entitled under employment law to take paid time off work to attend antenatal appointments.

So, contact our team today and will we be happy to help you through your pregnancy.

Chronic Illness Care

If you suffer from a form of chronic illness such as, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and others. At Rockcourt Medical we will help you manage your condition and implement a plan, helping you best adjust to your condition and manage the adjustment best. We believe in proactive illness care, allowing you to be as healthy as possible, rather than reactive illness care.

Book a consultation with one of our Doctors and together with a client centred approached we will proactively document a plan that will allow you to make the best of your condition.

Care for Retired and Elderly

We provide considered care and medical consultancy for all our patients and members of the community including the retired and elderly. If you are ill before you reach 66 and are unable to work we will help you complete an illness benefit application.

Fundamentally, we will provide the elderly and retired with the necessary care and medical guidance that will help you lead a healthy active life well into your retirement and later life.

Travel Vaccinations

If you are planning to visit countries that may require you to protect yourself against diseases that are prevalent to the country you are visiting, your immune system may not be equipped to deal with these infections, and it is highly recommended that you protect yourself with vaccinations. At Rockcourt Medical we can administer a range of vaccinations that will protect you from a range of diseases such as cholera, yellow fever and tick-borne encephalitis.

In fact some countries insist that you have vaccination certificate in order to enter the country, at Rockcourt Medical we can also provide ICVP’s (International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis).

Insurance Medical

At Rockcourt Medical will regularly complete Insurance Medical Exams for patients at the bequest of life assurance companies. We will guide you through the process, and help you complete the relevant medical forms and undertake the medical tests and examinations that will allow you to be covered (underwritten) by your insurance company.


We treat, manage and diagnose common skin conditions as well as other skin related conditions such as Lesion’s, Eczema, Psoriasis, and all types of ailments that relate to dermatology.

Depression & Wellbeing

The pressures associated with modern life can impact on any member of our society, family, a loved one and of course oneself. In fact, The World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the number one global burden of disease by 2030, surpassing heart disease and cancer. You are not alone.

At Rockcourt Medical we provide a comprehensive medical service if you are under stress, suffer anxiety or experience depression that is effecting your wellbeing.

Lost Thread Clinic

Lost threads or missing threads can occur while an intra uterine device (IUCD) is in place. A clinical service is available for the detection and if necessary removal of such device. Dr Short specialises in this area with over 20 experience. Her interests also include contraception, menopause and reproductive health care.

Men's Screening Health Checks

Dr Short is very keen to encourage men of all ages to attend for a check-up. This could involve a patient who just wishes to identify potential problems or for management of an ongoing illness.

Each health check would include a full symptom screen, medical history, medication review and family history. Here at Rockcourt Medical Centre we have a nurse two mornings a week who takes blood, tests for cholesterol, diabetes, kidney, liver, thyroid and prostate as appropriate.

General Medical Services

We provide a caring, warm, compassionate and professional practice for families, children, professionals and all sectors of society.

We offer a wide range of medical and associated health services including chronic disease management, maternity care, paediatrics, women’s and men’s health checks, cervical check, travel vaccinations and blood tests.

Dr Short specialises in Menopause services, Contraception and Sexual Health. The Contraception Health service also includes the prescription and fitting of contraceptive options such as Implanon, Mirena Coil and Oral Contraceptive Pill. During the consultation Dr Short will help the patient chose the right option after reviewing the patient’s needs. A Lost Thread Retrieval service is available for intra uterine device (IUCD) users.

We are here to listen, listen to you and any medical issue you may have. So, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, book an appointment and take the first step to recovery and continued wellbeing.

Make an Appointment or enquiry in confidence today; see our GP Appointment Form, all appointments must be made in advance using our online form (we will contact you to confirm you’re booking). Otherwise feel free to email us at appointment@rockcourtmedical.ie or call our reception at 01-278 3870 or 01-210 4677.