Standard Consultation
Extended Consultation 
Nurse Consultation
Blood Test
Blood Test for Private Consultant
Repeat Consultation
€50 (same issue within 2 weeks)
Driving Licence Medical
Pre IUD Consultation
€70 (required for all intrauterine devices- Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess, Copper Coil)
IUD Fitting
€195 (device not included)
IUD Removal and Refit
General Health Examination (Well Man/ Well Woman/ Well Person Check)
€150 (For those without symptoms, looking for full “MOT” -full health screening including blood tests and measurements with Practice Nurse, followed by Doctors appointment when results available. Further investigations depending on individual may be recommended separately- ECG, 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring etc-)
Injections (Prolia/ B12 etc)
Pre Implanon Consultation
€70 (required for all implanon insertions)
Implanon Insertion
Implanon Removal
Complete STI Screening
€130 (swabs, examination, bloods)
1st Menopause Visit
€130 (30 minute consultation, includes
assessment of symptoms, treatment
advice and prescription if necessary and
preventative health advice, referrals for
imaging etc. Bloods may be arranged
separately if required)
Follow up Menopause visit
Enduring Power of Attorney
€120 (includes assessment of capacity and completion of required legal documents)
24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
€90 (may need additional visit @€70)
Ear Irrigation
Travel Consultation
€70 (does not include cost of vaccines)
Doctors Letter
Private Sick Certs

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