General Medical Services

Rockcourt Medical Centre’s doctors are on the specialist register of the Irish Medical Council for General Practice. They are highly trained and experienced in providing evidence based medical care for acute and chronic conditions to patients of all ages. We highlight health promotion and preventative medicine and aim to maintain the present and future health of our patients.  

If you have symptoms you are concerned about, please book a Routine Consultation with one of our GPs.

If you feel well but would like a full check up, please book a General Health Examination which is a more detailed examination focused on health screening and includes blood tests, cardiac investigations and preventative advice and more, tailored to the individual.

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Children's Health

All of our doctors have worked in paediatric hospitals as part of their General Practice training. They are also highly experienced in treating common childhood illnesses in the community and addressing parental concerns. We offer all routine Childhood Vaccinations and other vaccinations on request eg; Chicken Pox vaccine. 

Women’s Health, Contraception & Sexual Health

We provide a full range of contraceptive services and sexual health advice. During your consultation we will discuss all options and help you choose the right method for you. Dr Erica Murphy is highly experienced in fitting Subdermal Implants and Intrauterine Devices such as Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess and Copper Coils. Emergency Copper Coils are available if required. We offer Sexual Health advice including STI screening and support. We are experienced in dealing with a full range of community gynaecological issues such as problems with menstruation, urination and pelvic pain.

Menopause Clinic

Menopause effects women in different ways and leading up to menopause can be difficult for some. Some women may experience an inconvenience in their day to day life while others may suffer debilitating symptoms. This time of life is also an important opportunity for screening for heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis and other serious health problems that may occur later in life. Dr Erica Murphy is experienced in menopause care and regularly attends menopause meetings and conferences. She is a member of the British Menopause Society and has done further training in menopause management with the ICGP (Irish college of General Practitioners).If you think you are suffering from menopause, peri menopause or premature menopause, please book a dedicated appointment.

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Fertitiliy and Combined Antenatal Care

Rockcourt Medical offers pre-conception counselling to optimise your health if you are considering a pregnancy. If you are having difficulty conceiving, we can arrange the preliminary investigations (blood tests, semen analysis, ultrasound etc). If you are pregnant, we participate in the HSE Maternity and infant Care Scheme which provides free ante-natal care to expecting mothers, a 2 week baby check, and a 6 week baby check for mother and baby. 

Chronic Disease Management

If you suffer from a chronic disease such as, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, atrial fibrillation among others, we will help you manage your condition and implement a plan. We are participating in the HSE’s Chronic disease Management Programme.

We also actively screen our patients for early signs of Chronic Disease with the aim of early diagnosis and optimal treatment.

Depression & Wellbeing

The World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the number one global burden of disease by 2030, surpassing heart disease and cancer. You are not alone. At Rockcourt Medical we provide an empathetic service if you are under stress, suffer anxiety or experience depression that is affecting your wellbeing. We are experienced in diagnosing and treating mental ill health using a “Biopsychosocial” approach. We are experienced in pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options.

Travel Vaccinations

If you’re planning to travel, it’s important to arrange your travel vaccination appointment early. Whether you’re looking for a particular travel vaccine or you would like to consult us about an upcoming trip, we can advise you on what’s necessary as well as provide the appropriate vaccination. Common vaccines required for travel throughout Asia, Africa and America include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio. Many vaccines must be given at least two weeks before travel. Some must be given even sooner. We will also provide general travel health advice and prescriptions for prophylactic medications for eg: Malaria Prophylaxis if necessary.

Crisis Pregnancy

We are a MyOptions-friendly practice. We are experienced in providing free, non-judgemental and completely confidential care, should you have an unplanned pregnancy. Please phone our sensitive staff or refer to the HSE website for further information.

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